Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Princess Pamper Package

Sheela's Princess Pamper Package...Because every fairytale wedding needs its princess. 

Sheela's Salon De Beaute
Real bride

Sheela's Salon De Beaute

As a bride, you’ve always dreamt of the perfect wedding. But while looking gorgeous may be the most important thing on your mind, as the D-day approaches, it won’t be the only thing on your plate. Which is why you’ll need a friend who’ll understand you, your needs and of course- your skin.

A friend like Sheela's Salon De Beauté. With our customized repertoire of beauty rituals, we not only cure your skin problems, but enhance your beauty to the fullest. You may pamper your skin with our customized Signature Face Therapy, or add that magical glow with Sheela's princess pamper package. Or choose a complete package with exotic caviar, gold, chocolate and fresh fruits. All to make sure that on the big day- every eye that spots you… stays on you.

All our services @ Sheela's Salon De Beauté,www.sheelasalon.com can be customized for each skin type, and are flexible to accommodate the most crucial timelines (with 15, 30 and 60 day packages). So as the day comes closer, you can concentrate on the million things that need your attention, and leave your looking good to your skin’s best friend.

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