Sunday, March 29, 2015

What You Want!! Lipstick That Reveal Your Personality.

 Lipstick Shades Are Scientifically Proven That What Women Want in Life!!

Lipstick That Reveal Your Personality.

According to a new survey , here are different personality types that are associated with  different lipstick colors.

Job interview....Wear Plum.

You want to look strong and confident without coming off stronger than your interviewer
The shade that will do it?
 Plum, which is most likely to make you look professional. "It portrays confidence without making you appear inaccessible—a unique combination of power and warmth.

These women rarely post selfies and own the least number of shoes.

First Date.....Wear Nude/Coral.

People look for loyalty in a long-term partner you want a lover for life 
go with a nude or coral lipstick. "People who wore these shades were seen as the most reliable and attractive,

Work Brainstorm.....Wear Nude Shade.

Women who wear this shade are warm and caring.
"If you're leading the session, you want people to feel at ease and willing to share unconventional ideas," "Wear nude to come across as collaborative, caring and open,"
They’re super-confident because they wear lipstick more often since it looks all natural.

Fiancé's Family Reunion....Wear Pink.

Your instinct to avoid a racy red is spot-on, but you can take your look a step further by wearing pink. It was associated with looking sociable and fun-loving—a perfect choice for meeting new people in a casual setting,
These pink lip-wearers are very powerful; most senior executives opt for this this shade over plums or nudes.

Major Presentation.....Wear Red.

Unlike in a team brainstorm, the goal here is to come off as a leader. "Show the crowd that you're an expert—someone who's taking risks and making creative advancements in the industry,"This is the time to pull out that classic red, the shade most associated with looking daring and confident.
They’re most likely to be the extroverted partier who also likes to keep in shape by putting in time at the gym.

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