Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Long Lasting Lipstick

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  • Always line your lips. Lip liners can actually make the wear time of any lipstick much longer. You can always use a liner to fill in your lips before applying the lipstick on it. This makes your lipstick last much longer.
  • Do not eat your lipstick. This is a statement made especially for those who have a tendency of chewing one’s lips, especially when they are nervous or sad or excited. Many women do this out of habit. We say, it is time to change the habit and move on. Eating lipsticks is not a good habit, so consciously try not to do that to your lipstick.
  • Use a lipstick sealer. This is one of the new things that have come up, and it is good for sealing lipstick to a place. There are a number of popular brands to select form.
  • Blot, Blot, Blot.The key rule of applying lipstick is to use the color once, blot, apply again, blot again, and that is it. This process actually keeps the lipstick for longer time.
Overall these easy tips will really help your lipstick last longer if you are interested in it.

Makeup Tips By: Sheela N Kishore (Skin, Hair & Makeup Expert)

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