Saturday, September 21, 2013

Flaunt Like A Diva

Hi Gorgeous Girls!

Make-up artist Sheela N Kishore guide to diva-like glamour Make-up Look.

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1.Drink lots of water, that's the key to have beautiful skin.

2. Never leave your home without sunscreen.You have to apply minimum 15 SPF

3. Whether fair or dark, the color of your face should match the color of your body. That’s not always easy to do, and if you know there is an imbalance, pick your makeup colors accordingly.

4. This part is easy. Grab your blush brush, blush, grin and sweep/swirl onto the apples of your cheeks

5. Always wear waterproof  Kajal.

6. Always curl your eyelashes and put mascara, which will looks wide-eyed and beautiful.

7. Start experimenting with lipsticks. They will always make you look like you are more in fashion.

8. Almost done! Phew! I usually splash on some lip gloss and go.

1.If you have oily hair, just tie a high ponytail 

--you will look amazing -- or a side braid, or bohemian up-do.

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2. A quick way of doing curls: blow-dry your hair with heated rollers, it will not damage your hair. Leave it for half an hour till the roller is dry and cool, open it up, brush it and you will have the most gorgeous hair.

Curly Hairstyle

And now flaunt like The Diva.

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