Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Garba Makeup

Go Wild, Go sexy.. Get the latest Make-up for Garba Night!! Sheela's Salon DE Beaute 

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1. We start from the waterproof foundation. To be truly perfect cover any skin imperfections with concealer and apply it evenly, covering a foundation.

2. For the same reason, choose a compact powder.

3. Finally, to have a look a bit ‘"of Lolima", that means do not forget to apply a blush brush with a special ultra bright and rosy cheeks.

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1. For the eye makeup though, if you want a really sexy make-up for the evening of Garba, try the Smokey eyes look that will make your eyes deep and sensual.

2. However, it is forbidden to give up the mascara, the cutting edge of eye make-up and sexy women, however, choose it in waterproof version especially for Garba Night Make-up.

1. lips, to look even more sexy  Garba Night, you absolutely must focus on a make-up that makes the lips and sensual.
2. Essential to use the pencil to draw the outline of the lips, as regards the color of gloss you choose: fire red if you really want to love and dare to cause, or if you prefer an ultra bright pink look sexy but more carefree.

Finally do not forget to treat hands and nails.

Hands should be soft and the nails must have a perfect manicure, preferably with vivid colors.

Garba hairstyle must be well braided in a beautiful way.
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Makeup Tips by Sheela N Kishore

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