Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Makeover makes you perfect!!

When your hearts tells you it's time for a change, don't be afraid to listen! 


The more natural looking always a better choice. No one likes to see someone whose face is bogged down with what seems like six kilo of makeup. 

1. Be confident in yourself and your look. Makeovers are a great chance to enhance who you are on the inside!
2. To enhance your eyes, learn the right way of makeup applications You will look gorgeous with perfect eye makeup.
3. Try a new hairstyle, because new hairstyles always get people's attention.
4. Before right makeup you have to be perfect skin, for that you have to get rid of all your skin imperfections.
5. Don't change for anyone else, only change if you want to.
6. Do not become so obsessed with looking better that you think of nothing else. Keep your personality.
7. Make sure you feel comfortable with the new you.

Contact Makeover Expert : Sheela N Kishore

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