Thursday, September 5, 2013

One Lipstick, so many ways

This article covers all the different ways to apply the lipstick well so that will not only look great but also last longer.
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1. Use your red lipstick as a lip satin, dab red lipstick just a bit on your finger and apply on lips.

2. Lipstick as a rosy natural cheeks, apply the same lipstick to the back of your hand and warm it up with your finger. Apply sparingly to the apples of your cheeks and blend upward with a different clean finger.


3. Natural eye shadow, you can apply the same lipstick as a natural eyeshadow with little finger in a very light way, apply it on eye socket then apply little powder on it. Which will give you 70s look, now you can apply winged eyeliner for retro classic look.

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4. You can apply red lipstick as a red (fashion) eye liner also, apply lipstick with eye liner brush, now you can apply red matte lip liner pencil on it, which makes smudge proof eye liner.

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5. Last but not the least , you can create that stunning beautiful Classic Makeup Look with red lips and Cat Eyes.
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